• Reishi Primo 


    Oriveda's Reishi Primo is a dual extracted and highly concentrated red Reishi fruiting body extract.

    Optimised for the compounds that make Reishi worth considering: triterpenes, polyphenols & beta-glucans. Oriveda's Reishi Primo has one of the highest quantity of marker compounds.

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    120 capsules @ 300 mg ( 2 month supply)


    dual extracted Red Reishi fruiting body

    ≥ 1.8 % Ganoderic acids
    (Ganoderic acid A-D, F-H)
    Ganoderenic acids B - D
    > 25 % beta-glucan
    > 1.50 % polyphenols
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    Our products are tested by globally reputable laboratories for mushroom specific marker compounds & heavy metal contamination.
    This ensures the products are effective and safe!


    Our products are tested by:
    Produced in compliance with the strictest international quality standards:

    Gluten free, vegan capsules, 100% HPMC (Hypromellosa), GMO-free, USDA organic, Halal, Koojer