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    In line with scientific research & development

    Scientific research uses highly concentrated extracts with specific dosing to investigate the potential of mushrooms.

    Oriveda extracts are comparable in both composition and quality to the products used in the most recent research.


  • Quality Control

    We test our products for potenty and safety... many suppliers do not.

    Most products in the market lack potency and may even be toxic.

    The only way to assure quality & safety is third-party testing!



    Third-party, Independant Testing

    Our products are tested by globally reputable laboratories for mushroom specific marker compounds & heavy metal contamination.
    This ensures the products are effective and safe!


    Our products are tested by:
    Produced in compliance with the strictest international quality standards:
  • 100% natural without any additives, fillers or pesticides

    USDA Certified Organic

    GMO Free

    Halal & Koosjer

    Gluten Free & Keto Friendly