• Clinical Support


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    When it comes to Medicinal Mushrooms, few are more educated and clinically experienced than Lee Carroll.


    Lee is a leading medical herbalist, innovator, speaker, educator and mentor with over 30 years experience in the herbal industry, 20+ years teaching herbal medicine to healthcare professionals and 10+ years in private practice.


    In clinic Lee artfully combines the best of traditional western herbal medicine within a framework of contemporary bio-medical science and research.


    We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to book a health consultation with Lee

    • Holistic health assessments
    • Which mushrooms are most suitable for you
    • Dosage & best methods of using mushrooms
    • Herbal formulae to further support your health
    • Contraindications & safety


    * Oriveda does receive commision from recommending clinical support.

    After many years of offering premium quality mushrooms, we see the value in partnering with and recommending independent, qualified health experts who are able to guide those with specific conditions and questions.

  • In-depth Medicinal Mushroom courses

    For those who wish to dive deeply into the world of medicinal mushrooms, Lee Carroll’s "Mastering Medicinal Mushrooms" course is for you!
    Learn about individual mushrooms inculding Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail and many more.
    Understand the marker compounds which give the mushrooms the therapeutic properties.
    Become knowledgeable in the scientific research, clinical application and astounding effects of mushrooms.


    This course equips healthcare practitioners with the necessary education to use mushrooms in clinical practice and offers a certificate upon completion.

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