• User guide & tips

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    1. All mushrooms come in capsules

    Capsules contain extract powder, but make dosing much easier - you know exactly how much you take and what is in it.We are selling highly concentrated extracts.

    A side effect of highly concentrated extracts is that they are very hygroscopic, meaning they attract and absorb moisture easily. Loose powder is difficult to keep damp-free, so if no precautions are taken (using e.g. a desiccant or some additive such as maltitol) the powder will soon start caking, solidify or develop lumps. In itself this is no problem: the therapeutic effect is not affected, but it is impossible to sell like that. And we do not use additives in any of our mushroom extracts, unlike other vendors. If you do open the capsules, you can use the leftover capsules in you veggie garden if you have one.

    2. Open capsules and mix content with hot water to make a tonic (optional)

    We recommend opening the capsules and mixing the content with hot water, so you could actually taste what you are consuming and signal the body of the mushroom's properties. It is also fine to consume capsules as they are, the therapeutic effect is still the same.

    However, we recommend making mushroom taking into a ritual, take a break, connect with the mushroom and enjoy a nice tonic!

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    3. Best on empty stomach 

    (smoothies do not benefit either)

    The main active ingredient of most medicinal mushroom extracts are water-soluble beta-glucans. These are very large macro-molecules with a high molecular weight; in fact a type of dietary fiber.

    When taken orally, intestinal absorptive cells (enterocytes) facilitate the transportation of beta-glucans and similar compounds across the intestinal cell wall into the lymph, where they begin to interact with receptors of the immune system, activating a wide spectrum of immunological effects.

    Due to their size beta-glucans do not pass the intestinal wall easily. To increase the chances of beta-glucan entering the blood-stream it's common sense to have as little 'competition' as possible present. So no solid foods or fiber-rich smoothies !

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    5. Vitamin C helps with absorption 

    Research found that the absorption / therapeutic effect of beta-glucans is improved when combined with vitamin C (ascorbic acid). You can use a Vitamin C supplement or you can also use lemons or limes mixed with (ideally hot or warm) water, either shortly before or after you medicinal mushroom intake. Another way is to pour the content of the mushrooms into a cup of hot water and mix it, then adding a squeeze of lemon/lime juice.

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    5. Do not mix dairy & mushrooms

    An important bioactive compound of all medicinal mushroom extracts are anti-oxidants, in particular polyphenols and their derivatives. Lactose (mainly found in dairy products) binds polyphenols, potentially neutralising their anti-oxidant effects.

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    6. Make sure that mushroom do no conflict with any of your other medication

    Mushrooms are generally considered to be very safe. However, please do your research if you are taking medication to be sure that any of the mushrooms would not conflict with your ongoing treatment.

    For example, mushrooms can effect blood thinning medicine and are always to be avoided when taking immune suppressants.

    It is entirely your responsibility to do this due diligence. Where possible, we have added known possible side-effects under each mushroom description and in the "safety & side-effects" page.


    A note here! Your GP or herbalist may not be well informed about Medicinal Mushrooms. Ask not one but several experts, ask Uncle Google and feel free to email us!