• Lions Mane Combi

    The Lions Mane Combi+ combination includes two products:

    • A full spectrum 1:1 hot water fruiting body extract, unaltered by the extraction process
    • A pharma-grade pure mycelium alcohol extract (no alcohol left in product after extraction)

    This combination of 2 separate extracts gives you the only Lion's Mane product that is 100% in line with cutting edge research. It also offers you maximum flexibility: you can experiment with cycling the extracts and different dosage regimes. 


    When you order "one" Lion's Mane, you will receive two separate packets.

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    Fruiting body extract

    180 v-caps @ 300 mg

    1:1 lossless water extract

    (2 months supply)


    Contains sterols,
    hericenone A-J,
    Hericene A-C,
    Erinacerin A+B

    > 40 % Beta-glucans

    > 0.35% Polyphenols

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    Liquid mycellium extract

    120 v-caps @ 450 mg

    alcohol extract

    (2 months supply)


    Contains sterols,
    erinacine A-R,
    > 10 % Beta-Glucans
    > 1.9 % Polyphenols

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    Our products are tested by globally reputable laboratories for mushroom specific marker compounds & heavy metal contamination.
    This ensures the products are effective and safe!


    Our products are tested by:
    Produced in compliance with the strictest international quality standards:

    Gluten free, vegan capsules, 100% HPMC (Hypromellosa), GMO-free, USDA organic, Halal, Koojer