CCCE stands for 'Cessante Causa, Cessat Effectus' which is Latin for 'by removing the cause you remove the effect'. It's referring to the immunological effect: if your immunity is optimal you have less chance to get sick.

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    CCCE® is a blend of Cordyceps Militaris, Maitake, Turkey Tail and Lion's Mane.

    The bioactive compounds synergistically work together to revitalise and support the immune system,

    - Improving the foundation of health -








  • About CCCE®

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    180 vegetable-caps @ 350 mg
    2 months supply (recommended dose: 3 capsules per day)
    A leaflet with detailed instructions and background is included with every order.

    Bioactive compounds:

    ≥ 0.6 % cordycepin
    ≥ 0.3 % adenosine
    ≥ 40 % beta-glucan
    ≥ 1.20 % polyphenols


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    Quality standards

    Produced in compliance with the following quality standards :
    ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, cGMP
    Halal, Koosjer, USDA organic (EcoCert)

    About CCCE

    CCCE® is a powerful immune-supporting dietary supplement, designed to help counter the negative effects of age and chronic stress on your immune system. CCCE® also has revitalising properties and supports developing the proper balance between good and bad cholesterol.

    CCCE® is a blend of Maitake, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps militaris; 25% of each. All four are exceptionally pure extracts with a high level of immune-modulating high-molecular weight beta-glucans and proteo-glycans. On top of that, this blend contains a high level of cordycepin; in fact much more than most Cordyceps-only extracts guarantees.

    Beta-glucans help to gain and maintain an optimal quality of life and support a feeling of well-being and vitality (more details about this below). As said, CCCE® contains an unusually high level of Cordycepin (3'-deoxyadenosine).
    The chemical structure of Cordycepin is very similar to ATP (Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate) and pure adenosine (which is also present in Cordyceps). ATP is the most important energy provider in our body; it must be present for muscles to contract. To be blunt: no ATP means no heartbeat! Among the most significant effects of ATP are increased blood flow and vasodilation (opening up your blood vessels); increasing the ability to absorb oxygen in the blood stream via the lungs. This results in more energy and vitality.

    The combination of immune-supporting and revitalising properties makes ORIVeDA CCCE® an ideal daily supplement for all. It also helps to deal with the physical after-effects of chronic stress and age. Both chronic stress and age have a strong negative effect on our immune function.

    Stress boosts the production and release of cortisol, which is very welcome in case of a fight-or-flight situation. But when the stress is chronic the continued production of this stress-marker will cause physical health problems.

    Cortisol has inflammatory effects in the long run. These inflammations can show up everywhere in both body and brain, and are hard to battle. Inflammations of whatever nature cause stress themselves so an endless, highly destructive spiral develops. Having an immune system that is functioning at its best is the best defence. CCCE helps to achieve exactly that.


    The main bioactive compounds found in all medicinal mushroom extracts are beta-glucans (to be more specific: (1>3)(1>6) ß-D-glucans - a type of bioactive polysaccharides).

    Beta-glucans give the immune-modulating properties and contribute to the cholesterol-normalizing effects that medicinal mushroom extracts are so well-known for.

    Three different types of very pure mushroom beta-glucan have been combined in ORIVeDA CCCE®. This increases the therapeutic bandwidth; it helps to create additional synergy and the improves the immune-modulating potential.

    Beta-glucans are, simply put, long chains of molecules composed of a backbone with side-branches appearing at regular intervals, like ribs from a spine. They are very large macromolecules. The amount of branching, the intervals at which these branches appear and the molecular weight and solubility of beta-glucans are responsible for a wide array of physiological effects in both humans and animals. Our research section has a lot of background on this if you want more details.

    Mushroom beta-glucans are much more bioactive than the beta-glucans found in other sources such as oats, barley and yeast. See Oriveda's dedicated article for all details.

    Already mentioned were (1>3)(1>6) ß-D-glucans (the numbers refer to the branching and the intervals at which these branches appear). Some mushrooms also contain (1>4)(1>6) ß-D-glucans (like the Coriolus versicolor -aka Turkey Tail-) and (1>6)(1>3) ß-D-glucans, which are only found in Maitake (Grifola frondosa).

    All of these can trigger unique effects in the human immune system. In ORIVeDA CCCE® these three types have been combined into a unique synergistic formula.

    Proteo-glycans (found in Turkey Tail, Maitake and Lion's Mane) are also important bioactives. These contribute to the synergy.
    Cordyceps militaris contributes a significant level of cordycepin to this blend. Cordycepin is a nucleoside (3'-deoxyadenosine) that shows a variety of health effects.



    Read research articles on Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane & Maitake HERE


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