Mushroom extracts are hygroscopic, in particular an alcohol extract such as our Lion's Mane. Meaning, they absorb moisture easily, which can cause the extract powder to solidify. It is comparable to sugar and salt, which form lumps easily in a humid environment.

Is this a problem ? Is the product spoiled ?

No. Just like with sugar or salt the properties of the extract will not be affected. The only potential issue is that increased moisture levels also increase the potential for bacterial growth over time. Therefore, always keep the product in a well-closed bag or bottle in an environment that is as dry as possible.

We could get rid of this 'problem' by adding additives (aka 'flow agents') to the product, such as malto-dextrin. This lowers the hygroscopic properties and it also makes the product easier to process. Most vendors do this. We don't.

Keep in mind that the percentage of malto-dextrin is ± 20 - 25% to be effective and that the specifications of the extract are usually based on the raw powdered extract without the additives present. Meaning, you pay for capsules with e.g. 400mg extract powder each, guaranteed to contain 20% beta-glucan (= 80mg p/capsule), but you get 300mg extract powder and only 60mg of beta-glucan p/capsule. You get only 75 - 80% of what you expect to get.

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