Shopping for medicinal mushrooms- guideline

Unfortunately, most vendors prefer to keep things vague, don't list specifications and do not test their products. Meaning, consumers have no clue what they buy and whether or not it is useful and safe.

For marketing reasons most vendors choose to leave out objective facts but instead might emphasize things such as 'organic' or 'contains no ingredients from China!' or use other deceiving marketing phrases. Deceiving, because the objective quality is revealed in the official supplement facts panel listing percentages of bioactives. Not just on the website or in a brochure.

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Organic' is not a guarantee for quality in the case of mushrooms; read this article for the background on this. All potential dangers such as contamination should be covered in a third party test report; an 'organic' certificate does not cover everything.

All Oriveda products are third party tested, with results available under each product description!

If there are no details and no objective test report that means the product is questionable and best avoided. No vendor would leave out good test results, that's common sense.

Don't be tricked by a low price.

A useful product means stringent quality control and strict processing procedures. Such a product can never be low-priced, unfortunately. You might notice there are no low-priced products with clear specifications and/or third-party test reports.

When in doubt, ask for an objective test report !!