How much should I take?

The health effects of the bioactive compounds in mushroom extracts are dose-dependant according to research. Therefore, using the levels of active ingredients as a guideline seems logical, but surprisingly enough this is not standard. A lot of researchers and most vendors approach mushrooms as if they are standardised products, as if -just an example- all Turkey Tail mushrooms are identical.


Levels of active ingredients will vary based on many variables, such as environmental conditions, strain, cultivation and processing techniques and storage conditions. Only when there is a clear indication of active ingredients on the product's supplement facts label (which is supervised by the authorities) you can dose accurately. That is common sense.

We wrote a dedicated article based on clinical research reports, which take into account the levels of active ingredients in the product and linked those to the therapeutic effects. You can find this extensive article here (opens in a new window).

Briefly, based on the verified levels of active ingredients in our products:

  • Age below 35: 1 gram of extract daily
  • Age 35 - 50: 1-2 grams of extract daily
  • Age over 50: at least 2 grams daily

These recommendations are for maintenance and assume you are in OK health. Specific health conditions usually require a higher dosage - we provide this information on demand and -briefly- in the instruction leaflets that come with every purchase.

If you read websites like you might also find dosage recommendations. Unfortunately, these recommendations are never based on levels of active ingredients but on flawed and/or outdated research, anecdotes and vendor's recommendations (which are also based on flawed research, anecdotes, etc etc..)..

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