How can I dose and administer Shilajit-Mumijo easily ?

Shilajit-Mumijo is a sticky paste making it challenging to handle and to dose accurately.

We do recommend to make a water solution - ± 40% Mumijo with 60% of boiled / cooled down clean water. This solution has an unlimited shelf life, just like the raw paste. Put the required amount of water (for 25 grams ± 40 ml) in the plastic container with Mumijo and leave it overnight. It will dissolve.

Stir to ensure proper dissolving. You can also freeze the Mumijo; this can be handy when you want to move it to another container or jar.

The solution should be kept in a well-closed container in a dark, cool spot, like in the refrigerator. A more extensive explanation including detailed measuring schemes are in the enclosed leaflet.

For accurate administration using a set of kitchen measuring spoons is recommended - 1/4 of a teaspoon = 1.25 ml of solution, which is the basic dose for an adult with a body weight of 80-90 kgs.