Yes. But, although our manufacturer has the USDA Organic certificate, issued by EcoCert SA, please take notice that 'organic' is not defined by law or regulations the FDA enforces. Despite the good intentions it is used by the majority of vendors as an effective marketing tool only.

'Organic' is not a reliable quality indicator in the case of medicinal mushrooms - further down we'll explain why.

• Our PSP-50, Lion's Mane mycelium and our Cordyceps CS-4 are mycellium products. They are cultivated in bioreactors (stainless steel lab-tanks), the most controlled environment imaginable; completely sterile. You cannot get more 'organic'.

• Reishi, ABM and Lion's Mane fruiting bodies are cultivated in accordance with both the USDA-organic and the international GACP regulations. GACP regulations have been developed specifically for cultivating medicinal plants. It is carries more weight than a USDA certificate in our opinion. The GACP standard is more strict and is internationally enforced instead of only local. This certificate is also not abused as a marketing instrument by supplement and 'superfood' producers.

Abused, indeed. The majority of the mushroom supplement sellers using the USDA certificate as a marketing tool have only that to market - a mushroom product with the USDA-organic stamp, but lacking other specifications such as active ingredients or levels of heavy metals.

An 'USDA-organic' mushroom might still contain significant amounts of heavy metals and microbial contamination, which mushrooms tend to accumulate from the soil and their environment. Unless they have a full Certificate of Analysis showing both contamination and the active ingredients these products might still be unreliable. Remember how the Fukushima fall-out covered over half of the US ? Those deposits (mainly heavy metals, both radio-active and otherwise) are still everywhere and mushrooms accumulate these.

As said before, 'organic' is NOT a good quality indicator for medicinal mushrooms; as it only focuses on things that should NOT be present in the product (traces of pesticides and fertilizers, e.g.) instead of focussing on the things that ARE PRESENT in the product (bioavailable bioactives, microbial and heavy metal contamination, e.g.). In the end these compounds determine the usability and therapeutic potential of the product.

We offer a full Certificate of Analysis, issued by an independant FDA-approved lab, that tells the consumer exactly what's in the product, instead of playing their emotions by emphasizing only the 'organic' aspect. Available here.

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