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    We came across Oriveda by doing extensive research about Medicinal Mushrooms. At first, we were very, very confused as to which product to choose from. Every company makes the claim that their product has good quality, accompanied with amazing stories, nice photos and testimonials. Not being content to blindly choose, we finally discovered Oriveda.


    Our background is in bio-medical science, organic health-food industry & Traditional Chinese Medicine, giving us a good understanding about the health and supplement industry and the therapeutic effects of different products. We are so very glad to have partnered with Oriveda, who is able to validate their claims by third party objective testing.


    The best way to have medicinal mushrooms would perhaps be when encountering an ancient shaman or herbalist, who would hand pick the mushrooms from pristine natural environment and prepare them with experience passed down over generations. However, this is basically impossible these days. The second best option for mushrooms is third-party certified for safety & potency, and this is where Oriveda is a market leader.


    We facilitate the orders for Australia, New Zealand and Asia, manage this website (www.oriveda.store) and work towards educating people about high quality Medicinal Mushrooms.

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