• Highest quality medicinal mushroom extracts commercially available

    Lab-verified levels of key bioactive compounds

    Third-party tested for potency & safety

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    Oriveda mushrooms are processed in a state-of-the-art specialised pharmaceutical factory.

    Fully certified according to ISO 9001, GMP for pharmaceutical products, HACCP.

    These are the most strict international standards.


    100% natural, USDA certified organic, without any additives, fillers or pesticides & GMO-free.


    Our extracts are tested for the quality marker compounds that make them therapeutic!

    Look at the independant lab test results HERE 



  • Brief Overview of Each Medicinal Mushroom

    *all mushrooms have Beta-Glucans which have a wide range of immune-supporting properties*

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    Turkey Tail

    • Induces cytotoxicity to cancer and tumour cells
    • Reduces negative effects of chemotherapy
    • Gut-health & good microbiome 
    • Learn more about Turkey Tail
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    Lions Mane

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    • Performance enhancing
    • Respiratory supp